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Main features


Thanks to the special design of each component of the Kit, you can use it yourself at home without having to go to a clinic.


Compare your teeth with the shade guide paper to record what stage it is in and what result you want to achieve.


With the use of this Kit you save expenses in consultations in the clinic and the time of relocating from one place to another.

Oferta Kit de Blanqueamiento

Whiter teeth

Teeth whitening is a dental procedure that removes the pigmentations that settle on the hard tissues of the crown of the tooth (s), namely the enamel and dentin.

What does the kit include?

Oferta Kit de Blanqueamiento

How does it work?

It adopts special cold light technology, combined with high intensity cold light and nozzle.


Start whitening

01 Rinse the mouthpiece and mouth before use.
02 Twist the teeth whitening pen, until the gel flows into the brush. Apply the gel evenly on your teeth.
03 Put the mouthpiece in your mouth and bite down, then turn on the light.
04 The device will automatically turn off after 15 minutes in blue light mode (10 minutes in blue and red mode).
05 Rinse the mouthpiece and your mouth with water.
06 Do not eat or drink anything except water for 30 minutes after treatment ends.

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