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The importance of having your teeth aligned

The alignment of your teeth guarantees fewer wear on the pieces, it avoids difficulties in chewing food and phonetic function.
Importancia de tener los dientes alineados

Dental malocclusion is revealed when the teeth do not fit together. Some of the factors that can cause it are bad habits such as cutting the nails with the teeth, sucking on the fingers, prolonging the use of the pacifier or bottle, or sleeping with the mouth open. It can also be caused by hereditary factors, or putting pressure on the teeth with the tongue.

Orthodontists recommend having teeth aligned and it is not only for aesthetics but also for your oral and physical health in general. The alignment of the teeth guarantees less wear on the pieces, avoids difficulties in chewing food and phonetic function. It also helps the upper teeth prevent the cheeks and lips from being bitten, and the lower teeth take care of the tongue.

Some of the consequences of having misaligned teeth.

These deformations of the mouth directly or indirectly cause dissimilar effects not only for the mouth but for the body in general, including: periodontal disease, dental hypersensitivity, or cavities.

It can also cause bruxism which is nothing more than the habit of consciously or unconsciously clenching or grinding the teeth. This disease can cause abnormal and premature dental wear, dental fissures and fractures, dental, cervical and jaw pain. You can also suffer from joint noises when opening and closing the mouth, gingival retractions or blockages in the opening of the mouth.

On the other hand, there is gingivitis and periodontitis, which are derived from the difficulty in taking care of oral hygienewhich can be reversed in other diseases, since by not correctly eliminating the bacteria from the mouth, they pass to other parts of the body, or digestive ailments caused by poor grinding of food.

When to start treatment to align teeth?

Some specialists suggest that the first visit to diagnose dental malocclusion or not should be made at 6 years of age, since despite still having baby teeth, conditions can be expected in the next teeth, and they could be corrected at an early age.

Other specialists recommend starting between the ages of 12 and 14, since all (milk) teeth are history, and we have all permanent teeth, which we must correct early on. In the same way, it is never too late to start your treatment.

Currently there are advanced, efficient and aesthetic techniques such as Clearfy. The invisible aligners that, unlike traditional systems, are almost imperceptible, comfortable and do not require the cementing of brackets or other orthopedic devices. In addition, they are removable, comfortable, aesthetic and very economic.

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