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The advantages of Clearfy’s invisible aligners.

Learn about the advantages of wearing invisible aligners to achieve a perfect smile.
Ventajas de alineadores de Clearfy Dental

The philosophy of orthodontic treatment has been changing significantly. While before it was normal to treat malocclusions in children and adolescents, it is now this treatment the most striking trend in orthodontics.

Despite this, many of us still associate these treatments with metal orthodontic appliances. It is important to understand that orthodontics is more than braces and wires.

Existen nuevas alternativas, entre las que destacan los sistemas de alineadores invisibles, basados en la ingeniería tridimensional.  La tecnología Clearfy constituye una forma sencilla y rentable de corregir mal posiciones dentarias utilizando una serie de férulas alineadoras hechas a la medida y casi indetectables, garantizando el éxito de un tratamiento ortodóncico con todas las ventajas y beneficios también desde lo estético..

Among the advantages of the treatment are:

  • Easy to handle and store.
  • Invisible.
  • Custom Design: Each invisible aligner is custom designed for each individual patient. To do this, a 3D model scan of the teeth in which we will simulate the final situation of the patient.
  • Removable, it can be easily removed for meals and brushing, or for an important event.
  • The risk of cavities is very low, as they are removable they do not affect oral hygiene.
  • More spaced and shorter reviews.

At Clearfy we use aligners made from a soft, comfortable and highly transparent BPA free plastic that won't irritate your cheeks and gums like traditional metal braces do.

They feature spring-back to provide greater teeth movement forces over time which is made possible with standard thermoplastic materials.

Clear aligners have many unique virtues and characteristics, which make this type of orthodontics more and more in demand.

Clearfy presents a treatment accessible to all people, with competitive prices and various payment options.

You can contact us through social networks, by phone 888-407-4520 / 305-306-1855 or make an appointment at through our website Clearfy Studio Doral.

Visit us and discover what our specialists can do for you.

Como funciona los alineadores de Clearfy

How do Clearfy invisible aligners work?

Clearfy invisible aligners are very comfortable to wear, plus they do not cause damage to the mouth as they are made of a thin plastic, fitted and trimmed at gum level.

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