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Full payment receives 15% off
Financing with or without Credit from $54
Your first buy includes:


Características Oferta

First visit to the doctor

Características Oferta

Welcome Kit with accessories

Características Oferta

3D scan of your teeth

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Benefits of your payment with Clearfy

We know that you are going to love Clearfy.

If after your consultation with the specialist you do not agree with your treatment, your money is returned immediately.

Welcome kit

Monthly subscription

Initial visit to the office

Final visit to the office

Simulation of your future smile

3D Scan

Evaluation and presentation of the ideal plan

details that matter

Our treatment is perfect for you if:


You live in florida

Mayor de 14 años

You are over 14 years old

Necesitas alineamiento

You need alignment or
spacing correction

Clearfy experience testimonials

Enjoy the words of these wonderful artists telling you about our treatment.

Claudia Valdez | Zajaris Fernández | Bea

Claudia Valdez  |   Zajaris Fernández  |  Bea

Visit us in Florida!

Live the Clearfy experience towards a
new smile!

Clearfy studio (doral)

Inside Pipeline Valet Parking is included 8400 NW 36th St # 450, Doral, FL 33166.

Is Clearfy guaranteed?

If at the end of your treatment plan, having followed your prescribed plan, you have not achieved the smile you love, contact us so that your dentist or orthodontist can reevaluate your results..

You may be eligible for additional aligners, upon approval of your reevaluation, to perfect your smile and obtain the best possible result. Please note: The warranty is only valid if you notify us within 30 days of the completion of your treatment plan.

Características de los alineadores

New orthodontic technology

A routine made simple

Transparent DESIGN

Thanks to their special design, Clearfy aligners are highly transparent, making it look like you have nothing on, allowing you to smile calmly.


Made from soft, comfortable, BPA-free plastic, Clearfy aligners were specially created to not irritate your cheeks and gums.


Everyone should be able to show their smile with confidence. That's why Clearfy aligners are affordable and fast, where you can see your new smile in as little as 8 months. *

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Treatment time may vary depending on the complexity of
your case and must be determined by your doctor in consultation.
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