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Tips for cleaning invisible aligners

Oral hygiene is a process that must be mechanized, and with it, the cleaning of the aligners is incorporated into the routine.
Tips Limpieza Alineadores

Invisible orthodontics has among its advantages being removable, facilitating oral hygiene. But it is also necessary to influence the cleaning of the aligners, to maintain their perfect condition and, above all, the transparency for which they are so in demand.

It is recommended to wear the aligners about 22 hours a day, and they should be washed every time we remove them to eat or brush our teeth. Next, we share the most important tips to take care of every detail of the sanitation process:


  • Wash your hands properly with soap and water before removing the aligners.
  • Clean the aligners with a different brush than the one normally used for brushing our teeth and hard bristles, cold water and soap.
  • Disinfect in antibacterial solutions at least once a week.

We recommend introducing them in a solution made from disinfectant tablets for 20-30 min. These tablets are also used for cleaning dental prostheses and are sold in pharmacies and supermarkets. Subsequently, rinse the aligners very well with plenty of water and a brush.

  • Always keep the aligners in their protective box.
  • Maintain adequate oral hygiene with our usual brushing technique: toothbrush, dental floss, oral irrigator.
  • Incorporate a plus of preventive cleaning. Going to the dentist every 6 months is essential to maintain specialized surveillance and avoid other types of oral infections.

 What NOT to do!

  • Use hot water to clean the aligners. They are sensitive to high temperatures and could lose their transparency or stain.
  • Immerse the aligners in mouthwash.
  •  Use toothpaste to clean the aligners.
  • Smoking or drinking something other than water (especially colored drinks, coffee or tea) with the aligners on.

Oral hygiene is a process that has to be mechanized, and with it incorporate the cleaning of the aligners into the routine. Only in this way will we have a healthy and beautiful smile and we can enjoy 100% the effects of invisible orthodontics.

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